EGT For Advisors

The business owner’s trust is your reward. Whether you’re a Wealth Manager, tax advisor or attorney, earning the trust of your clients comes from providing successful advice.

EGT can help you improve the likelihood of success in a business transition plan for your clients. Start with the EGT difference: a custom-built plan. Similar to planning and building a custom home with an architect who draws up a plan that is approved by the homeowner and a builder who implements the plan, EGT works with you and your client to create a succession plan that is approved by your client and implemented by you.

We know the layout of the succession landscape, because it’s our business. We realize the choices a business owner faces when planning an exit, and we are acutely aware that the owner’s financial and mental readiness make a difference. We help business owners and their advisors discover the best options for them. It takes a team of experts to develop a thriving business, and it takes a team of experts to plan the next steps.   With an outstanding plan and a good growth enhancement strategy, the transition process can be smooth and worry-free.

Contact EGT to learn how our exit planning process makes a difference. Don’t let your client simply “move on.” Help him or her to transition both successfully and strategically.

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