Successful Transition … A Custom Built Plan

The EGT Difference

Exit Planning - Often overlooked in the industry, we don’t underestimate the importance of having an exit plan. This is where we start.

Growth Enhancing – Don’t leave money on the table because you don’t understand the buyers’ needs or you don’t know which value drivers can be improved over time or according to a plan.

Transition Processing – EGT will help you to align your goals with those of your advisors and create an exit plan that will achieve the best results.

We’ll help you to…

…create a smooth transition;
…explore all possible exit options, advantages and disadvantages and most likely scenarios;
…discover choices that fit your needs, based on your level of mental and financial readiness.

There is a best practice for transitioning a business. EGT knows what it is.

Creating the Plan

First, we create a plan that allows everyone to fully understand and vet out all of the options. Rather than moving directly into the Transition Process, this approach allows you to review and question all the exit options before committing to any one choice. EGT excels in helping business owners understand all of the transition options. It’s similar to building a custom home. You must explore all your options with an architect and a builder, commit to the most appropriate home plan the architect provides, then let the builder focus on completing the home. When you discover the most appropriate exit option for your business and draw up the plans, you can be fully committed, allowing an advisor to keep the focus as you complete the transition.

Enhancing the Growth

EGT uses proven processes to insure the highest value for the business. We assist in identifying the internal and external value drivers of buyers when there is a gap between the business owner’s personal financial goals and the value of the business. While some value drivers can be quickly improved, others will need more time and effort to see any gains.


At EGT, the Transition Process is designed to be separate from the Exit Planning and Growth Enhancing steps. While this is often where most business owners start, EGT’s clients have already created a carefully processed plan and have enhanced their growth to the next level, increasing the likelihood of a successful transition. Just as the successful custom home is built on sound architectural plans, so is the successful business transition built on a smart, well-thought-out plan.

Our approach is designed to help you realize your readiness and plan your succession strategy. Together, we’ll explore all of your options.   Together, we work with your trusted advisors and provide the tools to create and execute your plan.

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About the Owner

DSC_3830Stuart Welsh is a Certified Business Exit Consultant® (CBEC) who has worked with closely held and family business owners for more than 30 years. He has earned an in-depth understanding of the needs of these business owners, positioning himself as a long-term, trusted advisor. His clients’ businesses represent a variety of industries, including wireless, retail, wholesale distribution, government contracting, urgent care and professional services.

Stu has guided his clients through multi-faceted planning processes to determine the optimal choices for business transitions. His rich resources allow him to bring the most effective advisors to the owners. When the best exit option is to stay and grow the enterprise value, Stu’s background as CFO/COO for multiple closely held businesses gives him the expertise and resources to assist his clients in growing the value of their firms to meet their personal goals. Stu has assisted his clients in determining whether they can afford to exit their business when approached as an acquisition target. He also has walked through the various exit options assisting in determining if the best option is to sell the business, incorporate an ESOP, walk through a management buyout, look at a Private Equity Group, or stay and grow their business. He has worked with family businesses to assist in the planning and transition process to the next generation.

Stu holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Loyola University of Maryland. He and his wife of 30 years, Linda, have three grown children. Stu enjoys golfing and the outdoors, and is committed to coaching and mentoring youth and emerging business leaders.



“EGT is committed to assisting business owners and their advisor to accelerate growth and to gain understanding of the options for achieving goals and maximizing the value of their business.”